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"I would not be where I am today with her knowledge and guidance." - Jonathon Timpanelli, School of Rock, First National Tour, "Dewey" Understudy
"Dr. Roll has an amazing talent for teaching and monitoring.  Her persistence and motivation carries you as an artist.  I have always felt guided, supported, and appreciated when working Dr. Roll.  I could not be more proud of how far I've come." - Supriya Jaya, Theatre Raleigh, The Bridges of Madison County, "Marian"
"It's rare to find someone who can teach you how to interpret a song the way that Christianne does. She doesn't just teach you to be heard; she teaches you how to express. It's also rare to find someone who is as selfless and passionate about seeing students succeed.  She is a musical genius who excels in all musical theatre genres
and styles." - Martina Long, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Lead Vocalist
"There are teachers who teach, and teachers who change lives.  Due to her help and passion for her art form, I have learned an immeasurable amount about my craft, and about myself."​
- Devin Altizer, Playhouse on the Square

"As an actor who would occasionally sing, I now have not only the confidence to sing in front of people, but also get jobs because of my singing voice.  I would have never received this confidence without her help and guidance."
- Anna Bailey, Mt. Gretna Theatre

"Christianne is incredible to work with as a teacher.  She not only cares about my voice and strengthening me as an artists, but she is also a mentor, coach, and friend.  Her perfect combination of kindness and pursuit of excellence challenge and encourage me as a vocalist to take risks and to work harder to achieve my goals and follow my
dreams." - Gabriella Headley, Theatre Director at The First Academy



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